How to: Install a Ghost Theme

Luke Edwards Luke Edwards

If you don't already have a ghost theme, a good place to fine one is ThemeForest!

  1. Locate your theme's zip file.

  2. Unzip the contents of your zip file. If you are using a command line, you may run the following:

    unzip path/to/  
  3. Copy the content into Ghost's theme directory, ghost/content/themes. Again, if you are using the command line:

    cp -R path/to/theme/folder /path/to/ghost/content/themes/.  

    Note: The period is intentional!

  4. Restart your Ghost blog or server.

    sudo service ghost restart  

    Note: This requires you to have SSH access to your Ghost server.

  5. Navigate to your website's general settings:  
  6. Select your desired theme from the Theme dropdown.

  7. Click the Save button in the upper right corner.

  8. Visit your website's homepage and you will see your new theme up and running! :-)